18th February 6pm: Yoga: Transformative or Trend?

Joanne Gray is our HD Brow expert at Glow Bar but as some of you know, she is also a Yoga teacher. She recently shared in an article in the Sunday Life how Yoga transformed her life and helped her anxiety.

Some people ask ''How will standing in warrior pose help me at my desk Monday to Friday?''

Joanne will answer that question and discuss our topic within this this workshop, where we will create a warm inviting environment to learn about yoga in a small group setting.

She will teach you how to use the breath to calm the mind. Her goal is to empower you with knowledge about yoga practise and everyday applications!

Joanne yoga.jpg

What is included?

- Tea, chat and learn the benefits of essential oils

- Restorative yoga practise

- Relaxation

- Learning to apply the principles of yoga and breathing in everyday life

See you on the mat!

Joanne & the team at Glow Bar x

Tickets £10

Jill McLeanComment