This was probably thee most fun morning of my summer, spent with the amazing Lauren from LIT Photography NI & our toned-to-perfection model, a friend so close she's pretty much my sister. 

The concept of this shoot was to use simple white pieces, from luxury designer brands (think Maison Margiela, Theory, Elizabeth & James) and let the flawless spray tanned skin be the perfect base for an all white line up. I wanted to show that when you are happy and healthy with glowing skin, you can let those assets be your accessories and style your outfits minimally, and as always, in quality fabrics.

Rising at dawn has never been more worth it, and how dedicated of our model to be in work until 2am that morning, then get up at 4.30am to meet us on Whiterocks Beach, looking shockingly fresh! 

We discovered a man with a traditional horse and carriage (ok, the carriage was classic, the horse was...well....regular?!) blissfully trotting along the shoreline as the sun begun to rise which was a wonderful sight. I'm sure he was certainly not expecting to see two scantily clad women shivering on the rocks with nips which would have surely cut through diamonds! 

The influx of surfers came out to play before work around 6am and witnessed our final shot of the day, Sarah running into the water with no more than a white shirt on! The three seconds it took to get wet (and see through) was enough to cause them all, male and female to stop and stare in bewilderment. This obviously isn't a regular affair on the nippy North Coast beaches (excuse the pun).

I could not have been happier with the images we got from the shoot, perfect for stepping my brand image up a notch! Thanks so much again to Lauren & Sarah - dream team indeed. I can't wait for the next one!


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