I kid you not my friend, that side splitting, belly aching, awkward snorting laughter is giving you a better tan! Whether it's when you relive funny memories with your closest friends, or you can't stop giggling with your husband because your puppy is barking & jumping all over the place like an eejit, then you realised he's scared of a balloon! Any sort of laughter is doing your body and mind more good than you know!

Laughter releases tension and stress for one, and these things play a maHOOsive part in your skin health (not to mention your mental wellbeing). It also acts as a great immune system booster, helping keep your skin clear and your defences strong to fight against any nasty bugs going around. Perhaps most importantly, for the little part which just wants to look smoother and younger; the endorphins released during laughter produce collagen - the ultimate wrinkle slayer! Win win! 

When you are happier, your largest organ (your skin) is healthier! Therefore all the little amino acids can get do their thing when the tan comes to play with them, giving you a more flawless glow than ever! 

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Photo credit: LIT Photography NI

Model, tan & styling: Jill McLean

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