Don't listen to the guilt enforcers and body shamers, the January blues can easily be subdued if you just indulge a little bit more. Hear me out... all you need to do is switch your vices up a little; mince pies for massages, cheese boards for bath boards, and bottles of wine for bottle necked chunky knit jumpers from heaven!

I'm all about damage limitation in January, not straight into the starvation diets and daily gym obsession. Personally, I can't cope with that type of 'all or nothing' lifestyle of extremes. I ease myself into it, and focus on self care and feeling good so I can be on top form with my eating choices and work out more come February. Gradual changes make long term habits so set goals anytime of the year and work out what small steps you should do daily to achieve those.  My top 5 January indulgences to make you feel incredible and recharged to reach your goals this year are...


bath board 2.jpg

The key with this is to take time for the ritual of bathing, perfect for a mid week after dinner treat or a Sunday evening. First, run your bath (not too hot - we are not going to get through January comfortably with scalded lady bits!) light some tealights, get some Nat King Cole on your Spotify, or watch en episode of Suits on your ipad with a cup of tea. Bathboards are the best invention for this, check out local NI company Mr & Mrs Bath Boards @bathboardsni.

After my bath I like to lather myself in oils. As you may know, oils are luxurious for the skin and horrendous for dissolving a tan, so forget about developing tan & stick to instant this month. Nothing's getting in the way of a girl and her essential oils!



One of my favourite luxuries of the 21st century has to be the humble audiobook. I use the Audible app to listen when I drive and walk the dog. I hope it makes you look forward to dog walks or cleaning and not see them as so much of a chore in the depths of winter. This works wonders for me as while I listen I'm not constantly making endless to do lists in my head; a proper escape. It's magic! One of the books I would recommend for the new year is #1 New York Times Best Seller  'You Are A Badass' by Jen Sincero (link below). I return to the final chapters of this book this time and time again, and have gifted a copy to several friends already.




I have well and truly fallen into the January slump however at the start of the month I had a huge burst of energy, cleared out the kitchen units, added drawer liners, plate racks, and organised my oils and spices. It was amazing! Ikea drawer liners are fab to keep new kitchen units clean, and also the clear Godmorgan boxes (link below) are ideal for baking supplies or in the bathroom for toiletries & face products. You will get such a sense of achievement and satisfaction I promise you. You'll feel like you have earned that glass of Merlot on Saturday night (or a San Pelligrino if you are in the dry January club...)



black spice candle.png

My all time favourite winter candle is This Works - Black Spice & Cedar candle. For a spicy warming scent which isn't pigeon holed as festive but perfect from November to February.



yoga class.jpg

Whether this be yoga or walking to stretch out your body and get it moving again, or treating yourself to a facial or massage, you deserve to schedule (and that's the key point) some relaxation time. Make sure to book it, put in the diary and do it. 

Enjoy indulging this January to refresh, recharge and reveal a calmer, healthier & happier you.

Jill x

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