Ever wonder how to choose what shade of tan is best for you?

Photograph by LIT Photography NI  Tan & Styling by Jill McLean

Photograph by LIT Photography NI

Tan & Styling by Jill McLean

We use Vita Liberata at Glow Bar, a tan which is over 80% organic (some retail products are as high as 96%!). This means the formula will work with your skin tone, and how you tan in the sun will be an indication of how well your tan will develop.

If you go brown just by looking at the sun, you will only need a light or medium spray tan as your skin responds well. If you choose a dark tan, you will generally go darker than any other skin type.

On the other hand, if you have freckles and burn very easily in the sun, you will need at least medium and most likely a dark tan to give you a natural glowy result. This means going for a dark Vita Liberata spray tan will always give a natural result for your skin type as your skin won't allow it to go too dark or any sort of unnatural shade!

If you use a non-organic tan with a toxic ingredient base, they will often tan you regardless of your skin tone, which means if you have a pale skin tone and don't want to be orange, stay away from the dark tans from these brands!

I hope this makes sense! Send me a message with any questions :)

At any appointment or bridal trial I will talk you through this and help guide you to a decision based on what colour result you want!


Glow Bar Owner & Tanning Expert

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