Want a flawless tan at home or to create the perfect base for a spray tan? The photo above is from our wedding day (Croatia was dreamy, if you haven’t been yet - get it booked! This is Hvar Island). As we got married abroad I did my tan myself using my favourite Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse in Dark and followed these steps…

The vital step of skin prep: EXFOLIATION!

1. Exfoliate with a non- oil based product. Read the label. You don't want to leave this film of oil on your skin after the shower which can create a barrier.

2. Exfoliate your underarms (stay with me...haha) Although this isn't a naturally dry area like hands, feet, elbows and knees that we normally concentrate on ridding dead skin from, the use of daily chemical deodorant dries them out like crazy!

3. Ever get dark line after tanning where your bra strap would sit? It is rubbing on that area every day, therefore creating a strip of dry skin you wouldn't notice until you apply a tan & the DHA in tan clings to those dry skin cells! So before a big event or wedding, wear a strapless bra if possible for the week leading up to it & exfoliate that area daily.

Give these a go if you are tanning this week or book in with me for a spray tan!

Jill x
Owner & Tanning Expert

Photographer = Nina Photo @nina_nphoto

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