HD Brows

Meet Joanne Gray, our HD Brow Pro on Fridays (she works from Anytime Fitness in Belfast Mon-Thurs)

Joanne is a Brow Fairy (as described by her clients), having worked with the HD Brows brand for years she creates the most flawless brows tailored uniquely for your face & colouring!


*PATCH TEST is essential, call in the Friday before your appointment or message to collect one from Glow Bar at least 2 days before. No exceptions. If you have been patch tested before for HD Brows but not by Joanne, you need to be patch tested by her for insurance purposes.


She is also an incredible Yoga teacher and will be running intimate workshops at Glow Bar. We believe beauty is a holistic approach and the more centred you are in your lifestyle and with your body, the more your inner glow will come out!