Vita Liberata Spray Tanning

Get a VIP flawless tan with Glow Bar Owner & Tanning expert Jill McLean.

Vita Liberata Spray tan - £25

Jill has been working for Vita Liberata for almost 7 years, first from HQ as a Key Accounts & Intl Sales Executive and for the past 4 years as their freelance Trainer & Tanning Expert while building her spray tan business before opening Glow Bar in Dec 2018.


‘‘I wanted to bring together other specialists in Hair & Beauty to offer high end services on the North Coast, mainly for the bridal market as that’s my main clientele. I also missed the relationships from my a day to day office job as I worked alone on the road and from home for years, so wanted to bring together girls in a similar situation so now have each other to bounce off & empower each other! ‘‘

Why Vita Liberata Spray Tan?


Vegan / Cruelty Free

Instantly dry

100% non toxic

No alcohol, parabens, perfume so fades perfectly!

Aloe Vera based - super hydrating and perfect for sensitive skin and dry skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema.

Skin prep for a flawless tan:

Exfoliate skin especially dry areas including underarms & bra strap area (with non oil based product).

Have perfectly clean skin & light shower beforehand if necessary.

No residue of shower gel, make up, moisturiser or deodorant at all on the skin.

Shave/wax 1-2 days before or wait until day of event and shave very lightly.

Means tan will take better and more evenly to skin & it won't sink into pores.

If you shave day of tan it may go streaky.

Let Jill know if you are on any medication, going through hormonal changes (pregnancy etc) or are ill in any way, as this will effect your skin (your largest organ), and therefore your tan result. She will work with this information to assess the best shade and approach for you :)